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Act I - Town Drop  $1500
Act I - Parlor Scene - $2500
Act I - Battle Scene - $2000
Act I - Kingdom of Snow $2500
Act II Kingdom of Sweets - $2500
All Backdrops except Town Drop were designed and painted in St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Act I Parlor can be flown out vertically or split to open to the wings. 

Individual Cost Total of Act I and Act II Backdrops

Discounted Cost for all 5 Backdrops 

Parlor, Battle, Snow and Sweets Scene only sold as set($9500). 

Town Backdrop may be sold excluded from set or purchased separately. 

Shipping cost is not included and fee should be sent via check prior to shipping to: 

John Bishop
3446 Emma Road
Bellingham, WA  98226

Contact John at: 


Prices negotiable!

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