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With an unwavering committment to excellence that was rooted in the history and traditions of classical ballet,  John has coached  professional dancers as well as amatuer athletes, including Shizuka Arakawa who won the gold medal in figure skating at the 2006 Olympics in Turin. Having coached and mentored many dancers in both their early dance lives and into their professional careers, John continues to share his love and passion for his art. Many of his former students have become dancers, choreographers and teachers themselves. 

Thanks to John's training and his many years as a professional dancer and choreographer, students are able to reach a professional level that can lead to work in classical and contemporary ballet as well as other opportunities in the performing arts world. 

John never considers what he does 'work' or simply a 'job'. He has devoted his entire life to an art  that is as demanding as it is rewarding. Students under his tuteledge understand the amount of effort, sacrifice and determination that is needed to develop as a dancer and as an artist. 

Both students of ballet and professional dancers can improve their level of dancing through one on one coaching or through Master Classes that John now offers when his schedule allows.  He can be contacted anytime at or 360.421.4013 or through the Contact Page(under Biography) on this website. Thank you.







Coaching & Master Classes

Shizuka Arakawa ~ Coached two years from Sendai Japan -2006 Olympic champion

Jacqueline Mildner ~ Former ballet student receive scholarship to prestigious professional school  in New York City.

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